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Sunday, 21 February 2010


The country is longing for an honest leader figure, trustworthy, reliable and able to perform his leadership duties well as a leader figure Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions. "Is there a figure of such leaders? I think it is very difficult to find.

The country is now led by unscrupulous leaders who are not honest and committed acts of corruption that is detrimental to the people and the Negara.Korupsi arranged from lowest level to the top level.

Many people who demonstrated and demanded the authorities withdraw from Jabatannya.Hal this is not the best way to overcome the problem of corruption in the country even if its rulers ini.becausereplaced but the root cause of corruption is not addressed then it will not be lost.

I have a few tips for this country, might be solving the problem of corruption cases that hit this country include:

1.rulers, leaders and governments must be to overcome the problem of corruption until tuntas.Pemerintah not be half-half or indifferent attitude in dealing with this corruption problem.

2. faith, morals and ethics berkuasa.Hal leaders this was not done by the State ini.Karena if leaders have faith, morals and ethics is no corruption aka tone

3.should replace the Law on corruption with better regulation, firm, sour corruptors and not felled during this pilih.Karena these laws do not make the corruptors deterrent is still there as evidenced by the desperate people who do korupsi.Mungkin replace it with Islamic law as the law of cutting off hands for thieves who proved to be a deterrent, reducing crime and making people think 1000 times before doing so.

4.of openness between ruler and rakyatnya.Rakyat need to know about the state of this country and anyone who does not need to corruption cover-up and is also obliged to accept dibela.Inspiration from the people about corruption.

Let us fix this country's image as a nation of honest and free of corruption by addressing to the root of corruption-corruption cases . i hope this does not happen again.

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